Cover design & illustration by Thomas Walker

Politics is false. Power is real.

Ben longs to be prime minister one day. But with no political connections, he is about to crash out of a Masters degree with no future ahead. So when by chance he becomes fast friends with a young Arab prince, and is offered a job in his government, he jumps at the chance to get on the political ladder.

Amal dreads the throne. And with Ben’s help he wants to reform his country, steering it onto a path towards democracy. But with the king’s health failing, revolutionaries in the streets, and terrorism threatening everyone, the country is ready to tear itself apart.

Alone in a hostile land, Ben must help Amal weigh what is best against what is right, making decisions that will risk his country, his family, and his life.

Highly recommended! ★★★★★
— Jessica Rachow

Praise for The Benevolent Dictator

The writing here is superb, the story fascinating and the ideas bold. There is much to be admired in the writing of Tom Trott. The Benevolent Dictator is poignant and had me as a reader in the palm of its hand. Really spectacular.
— Reflections of a Reader
One of those books that you will be delighted to have discovered.
— A Little Book Problem
Kept me hooked from start to end.
— Just 4 My Books
A fast-paced and exciting book, yet there’s so much to think about too.
— Books Are Cool

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