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From No.1 Private Detective to No.1 Suspect

A cryptic message from an old friend leads Joe Grabarz to an abandoned farmhouse in the middle of the South Downs. But Joe is too late, someone else has got there first: his friend is dead, and all the evidence points to him.

Ten years ago the farmhouse was the scene of three infamous murders when a young boy killed his mother, father, and little sister. Now an adult, he was released from prison with a new identity. Could he be involved? The farmhouse also sits on valuable land, fought over in a struggle between building houses and drilling for shale gas. But could it really be worth killing for? Whatever is going on, Joe knows one thing for sure: his friend’s murder is just a tiny part of it.

To bring the killer to justice Joe must dig up the past, and reckon with his own, because no matter how hard you work, it never goes away.

Brighton’s No.1 Private Detective - Book 3

I am awe at what a solid series the Brighton’s No.1 Private Detective series is. Tom Trott really is writing in his own lane here and this is a series that I would be happy to come back to time and time again.
— Reflections of a Reader

Praise for It Never Goes Away

Well written, intense, interesting and exciting, It Never Goes Away is a great showcase for Tom Trott’s talent as an author.
— Bookworms Corner
This is proper edge-of-the-seat stuff.
— Bookshine and Readbows
Another excellent book by Tom Trott.
— The Divine Write
Wow! This trilogy has been great from the start, and this last book provides a really exciting finish to the series. The author’s books are always complex and intriguing, and this one is especially so.
— Books Are Cool
Yet another fresh and heart racing storyline from Tom Trott. Each novel in the series seems to pick up momentum and this one is no different. I cannot recommend these crime novels enough.
— Herding Cats
It Never Goes Away is a fantastic detective novel that keeps you drawn into the story. I recommend checking this one out!
— Jessica Rachow
Brighton’s No.1 Private Detective series hits the ground running and doesn’t look back. I have already recommended these books to a number of work colleagues and members of book-related groups I socialise with on social media platforms. If that doesn’t tell you how much I loved the series then I don’t know what will.
— Reviews Feed

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