Cover design and illustration by Thomas Walker

One missing girl and the whole city goes crazy.

It’s been three days, and now everyone in Brighton is looking for her. There is an army of police searching, her picture is on every front page, and the public can’t get enough of it. Gangs of good citizens are going door to door, turning their neighbours’ houses upside down, but still no one can find her.

For Brighton’s No.1 Private Detective, Joe Grabarz, it brings back too many memories of his first case, another missing girl, when he learnt too many lessons the hard way. No one was going door to door then. No one cared. But her mum and dad weren't nearly as photogenic, nor quite so saintly.

It’s a lesson Joe learnt long ago that has come back to haunt him: choose your parents wisely.

Brighton’s No.1 Private Detective - Book 2

A must for fans of noir.
— World Geekly News

Praise for Choose Your Parents Wisely

A cracking detective story.
— Ali the Dragon Slayer
A wonderful book for any private detective fan.
— Travel to Recovery
Demands and deserves your full attention.
— Books Are Cool
I love Tom Trott’s writing style. It is unique and he crafts really memorable plots and characters every time I read a book by him. I highly suggest checking out this series, it is getting better with each book and Tom Trott is a fantastic writer.
— Jessica Rachow
It is obvious reading these books that Trott loves Brighton.
— Unlawful Acts
I sped through this second in series because I just had to keep reading and see where the story took me.
— Bookworms Corner
I highly recommend this series for fans of P.I. crime.
— Bookshine and Readbows
Tom Trott’s unique and inimitable writing style comes alive as this dual timeline plot jumps off of the page.
— Reflections of a Reader
I love this series by Tom Trott. A great read, highly recommended.
— The Divine Write

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